Transitioning Into Corporate Executive Protection Training

Whether you are separating or retiring from the army this report will help you in making a successful transition to the executive defense trade as a corporate bodyguard. Hard work, discipline and sound strategies are the best way to prepare for, find and maintain a job as a corporate bodyguard. Your ability to achieve a degree of success in this field is dependent on your dedication to get there. First of all you will have to begin reassessing your existing skills aimed at entering the corporate executive defense market. Once you reassess your current skill levels or obtained additional proficiencies you are ready to begin your career transition resulting in a rewarding job.

You will be evaluated on the particular strengths you already have from working in the army. Your marketable skills will need to be corporately sound, meaning your skills are flexible to the private sector and geared towards the profession. Market your current Strengths, show they are transferable and have substantial concrete return on the corporate safety budget. This is corporate lingo, the translation: Your work-related expertise is deemed good enough to avoid injury or kidnapping to senior management under your protection. In the executive defense trade you are expected to deliver a good return on the company ¡s investment in you.

Executive protection is considered as being cheaper than possibly having high price injury claims or ransom payments. Just being aware of the simple fact is the first step in acquiring a corporate bodyguard job and being successful at it. You should also concentrate on developing the social skills required for coping comfortably with high businesspeople. Proper business attire is vitally important. For men wear a dark suit and a tie that matches and is not to flashy. For females a dark business pantsuit and closed-toe shoes is advised. Look sharp and crisp at all times.

Finding corporate Executive protection work entails being interviewed by plenty of professional men with tender sensibilities. These men are searching for candidates that are self-reliant and have a cool head and common sense. Use your inner discipline and toughness from functioning in the army and accommodate your transferable strengths into the Pacific West Academy protection landscape. Do not waste time on matters that are non-transferable. A well-planned and handled job search should include: searching for corporate bodyguard job opportunities in the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, etc… Do not just look in the job-classified sections. Search for news articles and events in your area regarding corporate protective chances such as stalkers or weirdoes devoting a local character, company layoffs and downsizings or company events including well-known senior executives and CEOs. These news items are an often overlooked opportunity for corporate bodyguard jobs. Sending out your resume to potential corporate companies both electronically and with very important companies by overnight courier to guarantee receipt to the proper company individual. Getting skilled name cards made up with your name, address, and contact details. Provide your title cards out to a number of people you meet. Name cards are amazing tools to advance your career transition.

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