How does the CKB Logistics track shipments?

How does CKB Logistics locate the shipment to be transported once it has been ordered and delivered? All CKB owned and leased fleets are equipped with GPS, which is always active when an order is placed. You can see this for yourself by visiting the CKB logistik website and going to the bottom of the page. There you will find a “Delivery Control” feature where you can enter your own AD volumes provided by your CKB carrier to quickly see the delivery steps.

For more information about the company, you can contact our staff through the channels listed above.

Our on-demand logistics solution

2021Our company differs from CKB Trucking in that we are primarily a truck rental company. You can rent a truck from us as needed or order one when you need it. You can book deliveries with us for one to six hours (depending on the type of truck) and up to two weeks in advance. Our system will connect you with the truck driver closest to the location you need. Our fleet currently consists of 10 different commercial trucks, including minimalist vehicles, specialized city vehicles, vans, small vans, small containers, CDEs, CDDs, Long CDDs, Fusos, Trontons and Wingbox Trontons. We use every inch of our trucks for deliveries.

Our 2021 supply service options are included in the value proposition and include driver fees, gas, loading and unloading, product insurance with a set amount of coverage, an analytical dashboard and real-time tracking that allows you to locate the mover within a set time frame. The system also includes the ability to share real-time monitoring results with another person via a hyperlink. The presence of our trucks can be tracked in real time until the inventory is full.

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